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We are presenting the largest estate collection ever and it is amazing quality featuring furniture, art, lighting decor, carpets, patio and garden, and more!  

Estate Collection

       Opening June 9, 2020



Our JEWELRY EVENT will feature fine jewelry, a wide selection of silver and excellent costume pieces.  These are from estates that we have been saving just for this event!


FEBRUARY 8, 2020


January 2020 is Book Month!

You're welcome to browse in our book room where you'll find inspiration, knowledge and how-to-do-it. We have a wide variety of topics from which to choose.


ONE UP OPENS March 2, 2019

The benefit shop has expanded! We have opened the upstairs - ONE UP. We are blessed with an abundance of fine furniture, art, pottery, lamps, collectible books, rugs, and more. Come discover the treasures upstairs!


  Estate Collection

     Ongoing August/September, 2018

We have an amazing collection of mostly American antiques

all from one estate.  You will find tables, chairs, desks,

benches, chests and many charming "smalls."  Boxes,

bowls, and some surprise items you never may have seen


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